Nothing is static. We may wish that it was – so that we could catch up. But on the other hand many, if not most, of us are wowed by new technologies. The number of things I can now do on my smart phone is unbelievable. I rarely use it for phoning but can do almost everything else on it: I feel lost without it!Italy_110

I now move between my smartphone, my iPad, my MacBook and my PC. They are all good for different things. On top of that I still have an analogue radio that I listen to while shaving – but going downstairs for breakfast I switch to my very basic DAB digital radio. Through my iPad and Android smartphone I can now listen to radio stations anywhere in the world – and sometimes do. Radio 4 and ClassicFM are my favourite UK radio stations and I sometimes watch video clips on YouTube and Vimeo. ┬áThis is not to mention my Facebook pages and Twitter which are also good for different things.

This long list of activities demonstrates how complex our media world has become – especially those of us who can remember good old radio and TV which were fed to us courtesy of Auntie – also know as the Beeb – or BBC.

Today we are spoiled for choice. In this competitive world we find that brand – or station – loyalty means very little. Following trends – or going with the flow – is the current style. That is why Twitter is important – because it lets you know what’s trending (a new word in our vocabulary).

Why am I saying all this? Simply because it illustrates well what we are up against as communicators who work with media. We need to understand which medium is appropriate for which role for which generation of listeners. And this has to be constantly updated as we stay in touch with them and understand their uses of media as well as their interests and needs.

On top of all this is the increasing need to appeal to the visual – pictures, videos, cartoons, appealing graphics…simplicity – and fewer words. I preach to myself! Perhaps I could have said all this in a simple picture – or infographic – or a video. Or…?

Try this for size – I love it! It makes it’s point in just one minute…click