This site has been slowly taking shape but sets the stage for the way in which Roles evolves into the future. As you will see we are moving on from radio as the primary focus – but we are not abandoning it as a primary source of entertainment and information for many – even if they no longer using radio sets to listen!
Seeing that future is not easy – but we are taking one step at a time as we figure it out.
It will not be static but will respond to questions and hot issues that may arise.
Here are some of the many dimensions of media that we need to consider:

  1. How we use media in our own lives and in our family life. Is it a private experience or a group experience?
  2. What devices do we use to engage media? And for what purpose do we use each of them?
  3. Do we see ourselves as receivers or participants? Or perhaps senders?

Stay tuned!